The Africa You Don’t See On TV

Here are some pictures of the most beautiful cities in Africa. Pictures you never get to see on TV. Pictures of rich and emerging African cities like Luanda-Angola. Africa’s second largest producer of oil. Luanda is the nation’s administrative capital and contains  the Country’s main seaport. No other African Country has undergone rapid development like Luanda in the last decade. Luanda is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Launda Skyline

Agadir- Morocco button

Agadir Morocco

Nairobi- Kenya iolo technologies

Nairobi showing Fedha Towers, ICEA Building, the Nairobi Safari Club Wikipadia

Johannesburg-South Africa

Montage_Johannesburg via



Port Louis- Mauritius

Mauritius Port Louis

Cape Town- South Africa


Abidjan-Ivory Coast

Abidjan COte D'Ivoire

Algiers – Algeria


“It will be a beautiful day when Africans learn to respect and care for each other as they so emphatically like to care for foreigners. Then maybe, we can actually start to take care of each other and the millions of Africans scattered all over the globe, rather than always depending on people outside the continent to help us.”

By Awahyaase

Video by  Loreen Nyambok:  (My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.




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