Please Describe This little Boy in One Word.

This kid is called Alex from Tanzania, the way he narrates the movie Kommando is amazing. He could be a movie commentator. Now this is what I call talent. We have lots of them in Africa. He must have a brilliant memory  no matter how many times he might have watched that movie. Now this […]

Africa’s Movers & Shakers: Meet Mr. Rostam Aziz

Net Worth: $1.2 BILLION, Industry: Diversified, Country of Citizenship: Tanzania,  Age: 54, Number of Jobs Created: 1,639. Mr. Aziz, a businessman and politician of Middle Eastern origin, was elected a member of the Tanzanian parliament in 1993. Aziz quitted politics in 2011 to focus on his family business. He recently made $240 million from selling […]

Make Africa your next beach destination.

When was your last beach vacation? Have you ever thought about making Africa your next beach destination? Let me help you with that! Join me to discover some of the beast beaches in Africa. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a swimmer,  a surfer,  a friend of sea animals, a deep diver, on your […]