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Chantelle Brown aka Winnie Harlow Is The star of Diesel’s S2015 Campaign

Her name is Chantelle Brown Young aka Winnie Harlow. The 19 year old model has been alienated and labelled ‘cow’ and ‘zebra’ for having vitiligo since she was four.  The lack of melanin causes white patches to form on her skin as she explains in the video below. Now look at who is laughing. She has obviously chattered the definition of beauty of the fashion industry. She stars in

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Colour complex in our African communities

Around the world there has been a correlation with skin color when it comes to beauty.  Colonization and slavery of various racial groups  led to the belief of one skin color dominating another.  This is a thought that has continued long after slavery was abolished in many nations.  Many cultures believed that very pale skin was more attractive because it meant you were wealthy and did not have to work outside in the field

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