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Things You Never Knew About Nelson Müller

‘Home is where your heart is” says Nelson Müller, this could be a person, a melody a picture or just a feeling. When we talk about influencial Afro-Germans, we refer to him as an example. He features amongst the 25 successful Afro-Germans listed in Dayan Kodua’s  book My Black Skin. He is an inspiration and definitely a reminder to us that no matter the colour of your skin, you can

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IBM deploys about 800 employees for projects in Africa.

IBM is making a major push in Africa by deploying 800 IBM employees for projects in South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Senegal, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, and Egypt. Ethiopia is of great interest as it is on a path to accelerated economic growth. A team of 15 IBM experts have advised its leaders on key projects believed to be supportive of the country’s national Growth and Transformation Plan. The business

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