Ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit ist eine Noble Aufgabe

Der Deutsch-Kamerunischen Ärzteforum CAMFOMEDICS e.V. feiert 20 jähriges Jubiläum. Am 18.10.2014 feierte CAMFOMEDICS e.V 20-jähriges Jubiläum im Atlantic Congress Hotel, Essen-Deutschland. Der Verein wurde am 7. Mai 1994 von flussreichen  renommierten kamerunischen Studenten der Medizin und Pharmazie in Gießen gegründet. Die vielfältigen Ziele des Vereins gehen von Aufklärungskampagne und Interessenvertretung rund um das Studium und […]

How Much Of Your Heritage Do You Showcase In Your Home?

Your home can be a great place to “showcase” your heriatge or culture. From paintings to sculptures, artifacts, handycrafts or just furniture, the opportunities are endless. It could go as far as becoming a mini meseum of pieces inspired by your heritage. Here are a few Africa Inspired Designs that could WOW your guest, be […]

Shop the Look: SLPENDEUR Inspired by Vlisco

With Vlisco’s new season’s collection, everything has to pale into insignificance next to you. Just like the glamorous movie divas of yesteryear, whether you’re going to a ball, a party or just 
a romantic meal, you will dazzle in the limelight. Memorable fashion requires brave, bold moves and so this season Vlisco cuts into their […]

Herbstfarben Direkt Vom Laufsteg

Wenn die Sonne früh untergeht, dichte Wolken Regen bringen und der Wind kräftig weht, ist klar, dass der Herbst den Sommer vertrieben hat. Der Übergang zwischen der warmen und der kalten Jahreszeit stellt viele Menschen vor der Herausforderung, die passende Kleidung für das Wetter des Herbstes auszuwählen. Morgens ist es kalt, tagsüber wärmer, mal regnet […]

Prêt-à-Porter, Ethnical Fashion by Stella Jean

The style of Stella Jean reflects and evokes her mixed and creole heritage. A blend of old continent cultures with the verve of contemporary fashion marrying the opposites in femininity well aware of its precious uniqueness. Through the lines of Italian haute couture craftsmanship beats a sensual elegance, proud and aware but never ostentatious. The […]

This 12 Year Old is CEO of a $150,000 Business

In the past three years, while his classmates were doing homework and playing sports, Moziah Bridges built himself a $150,000 business. That’s right–he started his business when he was 9 years old. Not yet a teenager, Bridges now has five staff members and has received a ton of media attention, from an appearance on the […]

The 25 Don’t Dos on Social Media

1. Complaining about a specific person Save that @ symbol for requests, promotional efforts, or an acclamation. Don’t call someone out in public; at least do it privately and, preferably, in the real world. 2. Posting a picture without permission Of course, there is outright photo theft and not including proper credit for an image. […]

José Hendo Soloshowcase at the London Fashion Week

José Hendo’s first solo showcase at London Fashion Week brought ethical fashion in the spotlight on September 13th 2014 at the Grand Connaught Rooms London. Sponsored by Universal/Onita Boone, Salabed, Hendo International, TianDe, vegan Shoe Company Bourgeois Boheme,  M-Press Printers and Aquapax the panel brought together sustainable companies and influencers that the label has collaborated […]