José Hendo Soloshowcase at the London Fashion Week

José Hendo’s first solo showcase at London Fashion Week brought ethical fashion in the spotlight on September 13th 2014 at the Grand Connaught Rooms London. Sponsored by Universal/Onita Boone, Salabed, Hendo International, TianDe, vegan Shoe Company Bourgeois Boheme,  M-Press Printers and Aquapax the panel brought together sustainable companies and influencers that the label has collaborated […]

Nigerian Brides

Looking at pictures of Nigerian traditional wedding ceremonies leaves me, I must admit, wanting to marry all over again. This time just ‘traditionally’. Some will say madness but I think the whole traditional wedding ceremony and putting it together must be fun. In many African cultures, this ceremony is a treasured tradition which unites families […]

The African FashionTrend.

Africa has the most interesting fashion trends in the world that are changing vigorously and you can experience in different cultures. You do not need to be from Africa either to experience this African fashion trend. For instance; the turban head gear dominates in places like Middle East, North Africa, Arab Muslims, and Southwest Asia […]

Coko Diamond Gallerie Eröffnung in Berlin

Die kamerunischstämmige Nachwuchsdesignerin, Coko Diamond, lud am 22. März 2014 zur Eröffnung ihrer Gallerie in Berlin Südwestkorso ein. Über 60 Gäste aus ihrem Freundeskreis, aus der Kunst-, Design- und Medienszene kamen zur Präsentation  ihrer bunten “Afrilicious”-und teilweise monochromen Sommerkollektion. Mittlerweile sind die Designs der Newcomerin  in der afrikanischen Community in Deutschland schon angekommen und sehr […]

Is finding SELF a HAIR Revolution?

Black/African women, their hair and skin colour have been the most affected victims of white beauty standards. White bias about black women’s hair and skin colour reinforce the western perceptions that only straight silky hair and light skin are beautiful. Hair straightening and skin lightening products that are rigorously marketed to African/black women strongly reinforce […]

Sparkle Als You Dazzle

The Real Africa” Campaign owas published on February 13th 2014 via CNN. Ithaca College African Students Association Fights Stereotypes about Africa “Africa is not a country” is not a new concept, but this statement and others have possibly never found such beautiful representation than the work of Ithaca College African Students Association and their campaign […]

Senegalese fashion designer Oumou Sy

Oumou Sy, FASHION DESIGNER (Senegal) The Senegalese fashion and jewellery designer and is known as “Queen of Couture” and is one of the most inspiring fashion designer in Africa. The talented designer taught herself various techniques of dyeing, weaving and embroidery. She “combines traditional African patterns, textiles and designs with Western elements and motifs” to […]

From homeland to haute décor.

The evolution we see in Fashion and lifestyle offers a new way of thinking – a feeling of African-inspired eclecticism. At the heart of this philosophy we can witness the fusion of world styles deeply referenced to the African culture and themes. The creative use of african inspired themes, like zebra decorations, handy crafts, vibrant […]

The Okunoren Twins of Nigeria

For the past 11 years, Taiye and Kehinde Okunoren have mastered the art of impeccable bespoke tailoring for men. The cuts are sharp and the designs are undeniably sophisticated. The 30 year old twins have carved a niche for themselves in the luxury men’s wear market and have become the go to designers for Africa’s […]

Taibo Bacar one of Africa’s best designers of 2013.

TAIBO BACAR The 28 year old Mozambican native is the quintessence of quality designing. His latest collection ‘Capulana’ has gotten a lot of attention from the fashion industry both home and abroad. His impeccable use of African fabric is exquisite and the quality of the finished clothes is impeccable. Over the past couple of years […]