7 Essential Tips for Natural Hair

Short, long, dreds, twist, curls or plaits … If like many women of colour around the world you are discovering, or rediscovering your love for natural hair, blogger Minna Salami shares some valuable TLC tips for your crown. Whet your appetite for the Curls Rock workshop coming up in September in Cologne with these golden tips on caring […]

Poor organisation, great initiative!! The Miss Africa Contest 2012 in Essen-Germany

After the widespread promotion for the long-awaited, first ever Miss Africa Beauty Show, the event’s implementation last Saturday in Essen-Germany, was not up to expectations of it’s audience. Faces of Africa, as the show was dubbed featured 13 contestants from Cameroon,Congo, Ivory-Coast, Kenya, Sierra-Leone, just to name a few. Right from the disorganised programme to the […]

Junge afrikanische Schönheit auf dem Weg nach Oben!

Unsere schönste Endeckung des Monats heißt Nicky Marques, geboren und aufgewachsen in Deutschland mit angolanischen Wurzeln. Sie ist 22 Jahre alt und studiert Architektur im vierten Semester. Neben dem Studium widmet sich Nicky Ihrer Freizeit dem modeln. Wir waren über die Schönheit sehr neugierig und wollte mehr über Ihre Person wissen. Als ich 15 war, […]

Beauty Tips

Many people are looking for more natural ways when it comes to skin care. Natural skin care typically avoids the use of harsh chemicals and other products. Of course, many people are also pretty stumped on where to start when switching from their usual routine to a more natural one. Here are a few different […]