Super Wax Capsule Collection Inspired by Vlisco

The Real Africa” Campaign owas published on February 13th 2014 via CNN. Ithaca College African Students Association Fights Stereotypes about Africa “Africa is not a country” is not a new concept, but this statement and others have possibly never found such beautiful representation than the work of Ithaca College African Students Association and their campaign […]

Press Release on Fashion Panel hosted by the AFDB…

On the 20th of January 2015 a fashion panel will take place for the first time with Beate Wedekind as moderator and as topic „The new global African aesthetic“.  Never before has the African continent been so influential throughout the fashion industry. From the catwalk show of Burberry, Alexander Mcqueen and Yves St. Laurent, to […]

Nigerian Brides

Looking at pictures of Nigerian traditional wedding ceremonies leaves me, I must admit, wanting to marry all over again. This time just ‘traditionally’. Some will say madness but I think the whole traditional wedding ceremony and putting it together must be fun. In many African cultures, this ceremony is a treasured tradition which unites families […]


There is no continent more blessed with striking beauty and diversity than the African Motherland. And it was from this physical and genetic diversity that allowed Africans to parent the rest of humanity. Indigenous Africa is testimony to the full spectrum, of skin tones, hair textures, rich religious and cultural practices. However, all this diversity […]

Make up brands for black skin

Here is a list of make up brands for the Black Queen!   Fashion Fair One of the largest Black-owned cosmetics company in the world began when Mrs Johnson, the creator, noticed models, in the Ebony Fashion Fair show were mixing foundations to create the right blend to match their skin tones. She then created […]

Colour complex in our African communities

Around the world there has been a correlation with skin color when it comes to beauty.  Colonization and slavery of various racial groups  led to the belief of one skin color dominating another.  This is a thought that has continued long after slavery was abolished in many nations.  Many cultures believed that very pale skin was more attractive because […]

Skin care with homemade recipes

Easy Homemade skin care recipes for good skin Next time you visit the ” Reformhaus” or Vegetable market, make sure you pick some extra spring fruits and vegetables for mixing up your own homemade skin care products! It will save you money — and taste great.   LEMON CLEANSER FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Beauty ingredients […]

Curls Rock, Köln: erster Workshop für “Natural Hair” einen Erfolg

Unter dem Motto Curls Rock Curls Rock veranstalteten Marlies Akosombo (Natural Hair is Simply Passion) und Irene Evadine (FebMart) den ersten natural hair Workshop in Köln. Highlight war der Besuch von Promi Stylistin und Kosmetikerin Felicia Leatherwood, die den Besuchern wertvolle Tipps zur Haarpflege und Produkten gab. Wusstet ihr zum Beispiel, dass Spiritualität ein wichtiger Grundstein für […]

Curls Rock! First natural hair workshop in Cologne a success

On 29.09.2012, Marlies Akosombo (Natural Hair is Simply Passion) und Irene Evadine (FebMart) held the first natural hair workshop in cologne, Curls Rock. The highlight of the day was celebrity stylist and cosmetician, Felicia Leatherwood, who shared some golden advice on hair care and appropriate products with the guests. Did you know for example that spirituality […]