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LiiberLondon Presents S2015 Bubbles Campaign Shoot

Cameroonian London based Designer Anrette Ngafor has released pictures of her SS2015 campaign shoot. Inspired by london’s architecture, her designs transcends cultural boundaries through her bold and symbolic use of colours.  In the shoot one of her models can be spotted wearing a classy block patterned head wrap in Polka dots of seasonal colours that will ensure that this pieces will turn heads and win hearts. Customers will can be

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5 Things You Never Knew About The Owner Of Fashion Label LIIBER LONDON, Meet Anrette Ngafor Ankinyele

In this special edition, I am presenting some Bold & Beautiful Cameroonian Ladies (BBCL). Some young and dynamic ladies who are very active worldwide in promoting and showcasing, the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and  business activities of Africa on social media and or print. In aknowledgement of what they do and because people hardly find time to know who these busy and powerful ladies are, kindly give me your attention! Meet

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