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Seum Kuti at the Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld in Cologne.

I felt so much at home standing infront of Oluseum Anikulapo Kuti last Monday 7th of April 2014 at the “Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld” (CBE) in Cologne and hearing  him sing “black woman” I was so thrilled by the lyrics because I could relate to the message, black woman, afro hair, strong woman, etc.. I personally felt he was singing about me.

Seum Kuti as he is commonly known was born on January 11th in the year 1983 and is the youngest son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Seun and his elder brother Femi are the two successful musical offspring of the late Nigerian afrobeat innovator Fela Kuti. I must admit I didn’t know about Seum Kuti untill a few days before his concert.

People queued in numbers infront of the Club when I arrived. After managing to pass through security, finally got in the club where I met some friends and aquaintances. Quick “hallos” and immediately claimed my space infront of the stage so i could take good shots of the band.  At time went on, bit by bit the club was full packed with people..  The opening act with Ahmed Nyei aka Genda was a great show on its own. For the first time I heard him perform his song “different faces”. I fell in love with the soul and the lyrics of that song. Quite a great piece from artist Genda!

It wasn’t too long then came Seum’s band, one after the other on stage. Eye-catcher of the eveining were, the two female co-singers of Seum. They both were dressed up in short skirts and tops made of african print, accessorised with colourful beads passed around their waist and accross their shoulders. Seum’s perfomance was not only great because of the political messages in his Afro beats but also by his great ability to play the trumpet. I had the opportunity to meet him backstage where I could make an opinion of the man. Full of humour and down to earth. Eveen though he had performed for over a couple of hours, he still found pleasure in meeting and greeting people. It was worth it!

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