Papa Why Am I Black And My Baby Doll White? Is Beauty A Question Of Colour?

As a little girl all I wanted for christmas was a baby doll. Mama never bought me one.  Untill at the age of 8 she kept refusing to buy me one for christmas. I grew up in Cameroon and my mother did not buy us gifts randomly. You had to earn it or wait till christmas to get a present. I always wondered why mother never bought me a barbie doll. I became creative and made mine out of grass and grassroots. One day I asked her, I was then about 10. She said and I quote because I have never forgotten those words. ‘Barbie dolls are made by the white man in his image to reflect the kind of beauty that does not look anything like us’ she said. Back then I could not understand. Today I am a mother 0f girls. My kids play with dolls and own both black and white dolls.
Recently I saw the above video on facebook and it kept me wondering how much white baby dolls have brained wahsed our children. How much these white baby dolls have influenced the ideal image of beauty in the mind of our kids.  children I belive where not born with the believe that black is ugly,  that black is dirty, that black is bad, black is dull, or black ist agressive. But looking at the above video and listening to those questions made me really sad. This  is the reality of our world today. The results tell us how much we adults contribute,  to inplant hate in the minds of our children. How much consumer goods like baby dolls have become instruments of hate and love.  At thesame time it teaches us, how much we can do to teach children love, to teach them that beauty is not a question of black or white. To love them so much and make them self confident to the extent that, they will be strong irrespective of the norms of the society, irrespective of what society wants them to be, irrespective of  what they hear, see or read in the media. Black doll or white doll, beauty is not a question of colour, beauty is human and unique just rightly as each and everyone of us was made.

The above video was streamed over the ‘Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen’ (ZDF) (a German national television station). When I read the comments below, I could do nothing but shake my head because no matter how much you preach, some people still see colour and not the person and that is what is reflected in the society. We have a long way to go. I pray the next generations will be colourfree and mentally unslaved.

Black Baby Doll

White Baby Doll/The Barbie Collectionfabulous-barbie

What is your take on this article? Do you think Baby dolls can be used to shape the minds of our children?

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2 thoughts on “Papa Why Am I Black And My Baby Doll White? Is Beauty A Question Of Colour?

  1. Great post. My opinion is that people will never be skin color blind which in all truth is not the problem. It’s our mentality we should worry about. Am I color blind? No, I see skin color but it doesn’t define anyone. Would I get black and white dolls for my girls? I don’t know. We are a mixed family so it only makes sense(maybe not Barbie) but the truth of the matter is kids are perceptive and will represent what their parents teach them….consciously or otherwise

  2. It’s an age-old obnoxious strategy, injected into the veins of the African society to make sure we feel inferior. Black has always had all the negative connotations you could ever imagine. The white race uses all kinds of “studies” to perpetrate their racial superiority.

    I’ll give you the example of a movie I analysed, which we all were so mesmerized by as kids…Tarzan. How do you explain the fact that a white boy survives in the “jungle” and will eventually rule the jungle and the “primitive” Black man. We’re there no black people who ruled that jungle before? And just the word ” rule” sends alarm bells down my brain.

    However, this issue about children and dolls is one which is touchy. Children play with teddy bears, why don’t they think their teddies are bad or good? That’s because even the act of playing is pregnant with a myriad of social meaning that embellish the ruling social discourse. We are being manipulated upon rather stealthily by the “world order” and even without knowing it, we follow suit. I do not pay much attention to these so-called studies, because they serve one purpose…propaganda and manipulation.

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