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Das Wohlbefinden des Körpers, schenke ich gerne Menschen

“Meine Beine sind zwei wichtige Säulen in meinem Leben – ich pflege die Basis, meine Füße.” Die examinierte Krankenschwester mit zusätzlichen Qualifiktionen als Fußpflegerin und Masseurin, Scholastique Hafner: aka Sister Schola habe ich bei der Challenge Camerounais 2014 in Dortmund getroffen. Gerne arbeitet sie mit Menschen und unter Menschen. Sie schenkt  der Mensch das Wohlbefinden des Körpers mit einer professionellen Pflegequalität und eine geschmeidige intakte, und gesunde Haut durch die

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Maischna meets Aline-Gislaine Nimbona

“No one said it is going to be easy but i am on my feet again” A clear statement from Aline-Gislaine nimbona, born in Rwanda and raised in Senegal. After studying and working in Germany for 12 years, Aline N. decided to move back home and follow her passion to set up her own business as Event Manager. In 2011 she laid the foundation of her own company which she

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Afrikanischen Märchen aus Kamerun professionell aufgearbeitet.

Pa Toroki, The heavenly banquet In jeder Gesellschaft spielt die Erzählung von Märchen eine sehr wichtige Rolle in der alltäglichen Kommunikation zwischen den Generationen. Durch das Erzählen von Märchen wurden von jeher versteckte Botschaften und Ratschläge an die weiter gegeben, die bereit waren zuzuhören. In Afrika aufzuwachsen war für den Autor die einmalige Gelegenheit, dort heimische Märchen aus erster Hand zu erfahren. Die Märchen wurden zu Hause von den Großeltern,

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Germany gets a tough try with Cameroon’s indomitable lions.

  A big shout out to the Cameroonian fans who came out to Mönchengladbach to give their national team all the full support. I could see the goose bumps all over my body while they gloriously sang their national anthem again and again. Germany controlled the first half and missed a number of clear chances to open the scoring, with Mesut Özil putting the ball wide with only the goalkeeper

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German-Cameroon Veteran Football Game at the Borussia Hockeypark.

What happens when a professional football career is over? This is a question professional football players have to answer at the peak of their careers. I got to meet Mr. Yombi Alphonse  at the Borussia Hockeypark on  the 1st of June during a friendly match between, German and Cameroonian veterans which he organised. Mr Alphonse Yombi is an ex-professional Cameroonian football player who was member of the national team at

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Die Nacht der Fußballstars und mehr: Podiumsdiskussion über Afrika’s Teilnahme an die WM von CSSCF.

Nicht verpassen! Exklusives Event der “Cameroon Sports & Social Club Frankfurt” (CSSCF) mit den Stars der afrikanischen WM-Teams in Frankfurt! Live-Übertragung in Funk und Fernsehen! Interviews, Autogramme und Tombola! Gewinnchance für einen von zwei Flügen mit Turkish Airlines.

Sparkle Als You Dazzle

The Real Africa” Campaign owas published on February 13th 2014 via CNN. Ithaca College African Students Association Fights Stereotypes about Africa “Africa is not a country” is not a new concept, but this statement and others have possibly never found such beautiful representation than the work of Ithaca College African Students Association and their campaign titled “The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype” in a bid to dispel myths about Africa.

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Seum Kuti at the Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld in Cologne.

I felt so much at home standing infront of Oluseum Anikulapo Kuti last Monday 7th of April 2014 at the “Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld” (CBE) in Cologne and hearing  him sing “black woman” I was so thrilled by the lyrics because I could relate to the message, black woman, afro hair, strong woman, etc.. I personally felt he was singing about me. Seum Kuti as he is commonly known was born

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Impressions from the FOAG event in Berlin.

Let me share with you some impressions I gathered at the Face of Africa Germany show in Berlin last 4th of April 2014. Put together in a nutshell for you.  The venue itself was really nice and spacious with a great big stage and catwalk. The lightning inside was quite dimm and gave the hall a very festive atmosphere. It was almost completely packed to the last seat. Everyone dressed

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Make Africa your next beach destination.

When was your last beach vacation? Have you ever thought about making Africa your next beach destination? Let me help you with that! Join me to discover some of the beast beaches in Africa. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a swimmer,  a surfer,  a friend of sea animals, a deep diver, on your honey moon or just a lazy tourist who loves to lie down on the beach

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