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Count Down On For The African Festival This October 17th In Essen-Germany By African Ivory

African Festival  17 October  2015 Essen Germany


Podium Discussion

African Festival Essen 17th October 2015 by African Ivory

African Festival Essen 17th October 2015


Image creation is very important in interrelationships. This is true both on individual level and states. The global image of Africa has been that of sickness, poverty, corruption, violence and underdevelopment. While not denying these negative pictures of our continent, we note also that Africa has very many beautiful and positive sides.

These can be explored and used to bring positive change to the continent. It is our conviction that we, Africans in diaspora can contribute in presenting these beautiful sides of a continent that is blessed with almost unending potentials to the outside world. This is the objective that forms the foundation of African Ivory Germany.

The African Festival Essen 2015 will take place on the 17th of October 2015.This year’s edition of the festival will include;
A Business Forum
The major intention of this forum is to present the abundant business opportunities of Africa to Germany
and Europe in general thereby generating interest among investors.Invited guests from Cameroon, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe will be presenting their various business concepts and the investment opportunities that abound in their countries.
African Open Air Festival
Cultural Display
Celebrating our African Heroes
A Gala Night to crown the event
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