Cooking gluten-free with Maureen Lermer

Ripe Plantains with Broccoli and Turkey (with Maureen Lermer  3G Moms)

Here’s the recipe!


3-5 large ripe plantains

300 gm. Turkey

2 large onions (chop them)

2-3 cups of Broccoli, washed and cut

1 teaspoon fresh garlic paste

1 teaspoon fresh ginger paste

Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking oil of your choice


DIRECTIONS for cooking the plantains

Into a pot, bring water to boil. Wash, peel and cut plantains into 3 parts, put into the boiling water cook for about 25 minutes.

Directions for cooking the Broccoli

In a pot, pour 2 eating spoon oil (do not overheat). Add a handful of chopped onions, garlic and ginger paste and stir for 3mins

Add Broccoli, stir and let it simmer for about 3-5 minutes. Add Pepper and salt to taste.

Directions for cooking the Turkey

Wash and marinate it with pepper, salt, ginger, garlic and Thyme. In a nonstick frying pan, pour 1 tablespoon oil put in the remaining chopped onions let it to simmer for 2mins

Add the marinated Turkey and let it cook until well done.

Bon Appetite! by Maureen Lermer.



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