The Africa You Don’t See On TV

Here are some pictures of the most beautiful cities in Africa. Pictures you never get to see on TV. Pictures of rich and emerging African cities like Luanda-Angola. Africa’s second largest producer of oil. Luanda is the nation’s administrative capital and contains  the Country’s main seaport. No other African Country has undergone rapid development like […]

A New Country For Refugees, Yes or No?

What do you think about the idea of the trendiest Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris who is who is seriously thinking of buying a Mediterranean island to help the thousands of people fleeing conflicts in Syria and elsewhere, according to a report from AFP. Naguib Sawiris, the owner of an Egyptian TV channel and chief of […]

Rachel Mwanza, Das Wunderkind Von Kinshasa

Nach der Trennung ihrer Eltern, landete Rachel auf der Straße. Ihre Mutter ging nach Angola und ließ ihre damals 10-jährige Tochter bei der Großmutter in Kinshasa. Diese hatte Schwierigkeiten sie zusammen mit ihren sechs Brüdern und Schwestern großzuziehen. Also zog es Rachel oft auf die Straße, wo sie vom Verkauf von Wassertüten lebte. Manchmal schlief […]

Ist Zuwanderung eine Bereicherung oder Bedrohung für Deutschland?

Wir sehen die Vielfalt, die auch durch das Zusammenleben von Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft entsteht, als Bereicherung des gesellschaftlichen Lebens an. Wir erkennen den gegenseitigen Einfluss von Ausgrenzung durch die Mehrheitsgesellschaft und Segregation der als »fremd« gebrandmarkten Menschen und werten diese Situation als mit unseren Vorstellungen von Menschenwürde nicht vereinbar. Die technische Möglichkeit, vergleichsweise einfach über weite […]

What You Can Learn From Nathalie Koah

When you’re going through something truly difficult, or if you have hit a roadblock, you may just want to roll over and give up. Everyone feels like that sometimes when they are facing challenges. But that’s the right time to find inspiration from somewhere or someone. Nathalie Koah does not shy away from sharing her […]

Highlights From The 5th Anniversary Of Stesa Germany eV.

STESA-Germany eV. (Starlight Ex-Students Association Germany) has the reputation of organising one of the best annual benevolent galas within the African Community in NRW-Germany. “Our annual gala is not all about drinking and dancing. We invite people to come and have fun for a good cause”, said the president of the association Mr. Dobgima Elvis […]

12 Things People Regret The Most Before They Die

Life is full of choices, and many of them come with uncertainty. We can never know what might have been if we had chosen differently. No life will ever be completely clear of opportunity for regret. Failed relationships, missed opportunities, poor judgment calls. Some choices seem easy at the time and later turn out to […]

Things You Never Knew About Nelson Müller

‘Home is where your heart is” says Nelson Müller, this could be a person, a melody a picture or just a feeling. When we talk about influencial Afro-Germans, we refer to him as an example. He features amongst the 25 successful Afro-Germans listed in Dayan Kodua’s  book My Black Skin. He is an inspiration and […]