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African writers,directors and film makers

What do we know about some of Africa’s influential and important writers, directors and film makers? Here is a short introduction of Africa’s best-known authors.

10 popular female afro-hairstyles.

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Make up brands for black skin

Here is a list of make up brands for the Black Queen!   Fashion Fair One of the largest Black-owned cosmetics company in the world began when Mrs Johnson, the creator, noticed models, in the Ebony Fashion Fair show were mixing foundations to create the right blend to match their skin tones. She then created a line to meet the specific needs of Black women.   Black Opal Black Opal

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The message behind Genda’s “Different Faces”.

A soulful female voice opens Genda’s album  Follow My Footsteps: “different people in different places / live the same life with different faces.” The lines give the listener a taste of what awaits them if they allow themselves to embrace the concept behind the music, the idea of sameness in spite of difference, morality and acceptance.  No matter the languages we speak or the colour of our skin, we are

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Missing black role models in Germany

Children need role models as a source of inspiration. It is even better when this role model is a reflection of whom one is. In a country like Germany where black people are a minority you will hardly to see or hear about influencial black people over the  main stream media. There are so many educated, successful and smart Africans living and working in Germany for example; great medical doctors,

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Wunderkind und Soulsänger, CHIMA.

Chima Onyele ist als Kind nigerianischer Eltern in Mainhattan, Frankfurt a. M, aufgewachsen, und beginnt nach seinem Abitur ein geisteswissenschaftliches Studium, bevor er sich ganz seiner Musik widmete. Der Rapper macht schon mit seiner Beteiligung am Brothers Keepers-Projekt von sich reden. Als Afro-Deutscher hat Chima das Gefühl, wegen seiner Hautfarbe anders behandelt zu werden, schon am eigenen Leib erfahren. Wohl aufgrund dessen lag es Chima am Herzen, mit Brothers Keepers

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Taibo Bacar one of Africa’s best designers of 2013.

TAIBO BACAR The 28 year old Mozambican native is the quintessence of quality designing. His latest collection ‘Capulana’ has gotten a lot of attention from the fashion industry both home and abroad. His impeccable use of African fabric is exquisite and the quality of the finished clothes is impeccable. Over the past couple of years the African fabric industry has seen resurgence in the use of African fabric and Taibo

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Follow My Footsteps: latest album from singer/songwriter, Genda/Ahmed Nyei

Musician Genda invites you to follow his footsteps in his latest album. Born in Cairo, Egypt to Liberian parents, Ahmed Nyei and Genda are two sides of the same story, told through poetical lyrics and an endearing down-to-earth style – on and off the stage.  For more about his musical style, the importance of family and his life philosophy watch an interview Maischna did with him early in 2013. You can also listen in to

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Abschied von Mandela

Er war Afrikas Freiheitsheld und Südafrikas erster schwarzer Präsident. Für seinen Kampf gegen die Rassentrennung saß Nelson Mandela 27 Jahre lang im Gefängnis. Nun ist der 95-Jährige an den Folgen einer Lungenentzündung gestorben.  Der 95-Jährige sei am Donnerstag gestorben, sagte Südafrikas Präsident Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg in einer landesweit übertragenen Fernsehsendung. “Unsere Nation hat ihren größten Sohn verloren”, betonte Zuma. Er sei friedlich dahingeschieden. “Nelson Mandela brachte uns zusammen und

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