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Gillian Mckeith sparkles in label Olay Sookie on Fashions Finest runway during London Fashion Week

Saturday 17th of februar 2018, Fashion Finest kicked off day one opening its doors to its showrown featuring Nasra Mamoun jewellery, VRS, Hoh Pabissi, Yeagob, Ziaz, Beckshire beauty, ChicP, Alpaca smaka wearable Arts Collective, SNA Fur, ELvira Graham knitwear, Saraden Designs, Timna Weber, Sheree Robinson knitwear, Elaine Mackenzie. On the first runway show of the day, British Helen Howe Atelier timelessly classic tailored ready to wear pieces with a modern

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Have A Sneak Peek To Learn Why Everybody Loves Peniel Enchill

She is the bombshell and I want the world to take note of her. Peniel Enchill, is the next big name you should be keeping an eye on. When I saw this very inspirational illustration going around my social networks I immediately wanted to find out who the author is. I was deeply moved by the message it carried. It got me reflecting why LOVE as priceless as it is,

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7 Essential Tips for Natural Hair

Short, long, dreds, twist, curls or plaits … If like many women of colour around the world you are discovering, or rediscovering your love for natural hair, blogger Minna Salami shares some valuable TLC tips for your crown. Whet your appetite for the Curls Rock workshop coming up in September in Cologne with these golden tips on caring for your natural hair. 1. Moisturize more than seems sane. What are the three words

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Myeisha Label Lunch

Africa inspired and hand made. Myeisha creates high- end leather bags, which are made predominantly from Namibian and African leathers and locally sourced materials. Aiming for a sense of the avant-garde, these bags are exquisitely handmade and exported to Europe and the World. They represent the values of honesty and appreciation, of true value and love. All proceeds stay within Namibia and help to further charitable projects, giving them hope,

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Sherylicious Natural Hair Product Launch

Sherylicious Natural Hair Product Launch, Capitol Bistro Essen, Saturday the 27th 2016. My inspiration came from my daughter’s situation: I read a lot, tried out different things and then I started making my own products. For my daughter, for myself for friends and voila…the rest is history. Today my daughter’s hair is long and thick. Her story is my testimony”

Sherylicious Organic Hair Product Launch

Essen, 22. 08 2016: Sherylicious natural products launch, Saturday 27th 2016 at Capitol Bistro in Essen. Organic hair products A relatively new comer in the market Priceworthy with quality and performance guarantee Sherylicious hair products are primarily familiar with the demand for moisturising. Sherylicious products are infused with a variety of proven essential oils that keeps hair unusually moist and juicy for days. There are few products that are able

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Fade Haircuts For Women

Are from Atlanta? Step the Barber from Atlanta will give you that special look irrespective of your hair length.

Nathalie Koah: Revenge Porn!

Revenge Porn:  Die Ex-Geliebte von Fußballstar Samuel Eto’o Packt Aus! Nathalie Koah, die ehemalige Geliebte des Kameruner Fußballhelden Samuel Eto’o, hat ein Buch veröffentlicht: Revenge porn. Das Buch ist laut Nathalie eine Therapie für die sechs Jahre Beziehung mit Eto’o. Es geht es um Sex, Macht und Verrat

WakeUp And MakeUp: Be Bold!

Makeup artist: Rayjeweled Beauty Assistant makeup artist: Dadivas touch Londre Co-coordinator: Rayjeweled Beauty Styliste: Jroadystyling (theultimatestyle) Photo: Big H studios Page Facebook RayJeweled | Chaîne Youtube RayJeweled

LIZ BAFOE: Die Mütige Orchideen

uf der „Lindenstraße“ und im „Schloss Einstein“ spielte sie Hauptrollen. Gedreht hat sie u.a. mit dem Team von „Die Anrheiner“, „Der Fahnder“, „Die Manns“ „Verbotene Liebe“ etc. Tolle Referenzen im VITA leider nicht zur vollen Zufriedenheit der mutigen Schauspielerin.