Bino & Fino Meet A Strong Fan Base In Germany

The screenings of the second DVD of the children’s educational cartoon show Bino & Fino is currently trending in the black communities in Germany. Maischna Magazine was privilleged to organise the first one last September 19th during the celebration of  the World Children’s Day by the state council in Dortmund Yesterday (10.10 2015) I finally […]

Ponchos For Fall, Trendier Than Ever!

The beautiful bright summer days are gone. We sure did have lots of fun on the streets, to say the melting point of all things fashion and now we are looking forward to the next season. From picking up bits and pieces from all the fashion magaznes and fashion shows around the globe, I decided […]

Am Weltkindertag 2015 Sind “Alle Kinder Wilkommen”

Pünktlich um 13:00 Uhr letzter Samstag marschierten 52 Kindern mit afrikanischen Wurzeln in die <International Life Changing Church> am Bornstrasse 61 in Dortmund,  jeweils mit einer Flagge dass, ein Land aus dem Kontinent repräsentiert. Das Motto des diesjährigen Kindertages, „Alle Kinder Willkommen“ vermittelte Frau Atanga Patience, Fachreferentin für Kinder mit afrikanischem Hintergrund der Stadt Dortmund […]

A New Country For Refugees, Yes or No?

What do you think about the idea of the trendiest Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris who is who is seriously thinking of buying a Mediterranean island to help the thousands of people fleeing conflicts in Syria and elsewhere, according to a report from AFP. Naguib Sawiris, the owner of an Egyptian TV channel and chief of […]

Einmal Südafrika Hautnah Und Mit Allen Sinnen Erleben Bitte!!

Die erste große Veranstaltung der Unternehmergemeinschaft MendenPLUS ist trotzt schlechtem Wetter gestern gut besucht worden. Das neue Miteinander unter den Mendener Unternehmern soll in dem geplanten Südafrika-Festival <Menden goes wild”> erstmals öffentlich zum Ausdruck kommen. Die Idee dazu stammt von Birgit Bergener, die Inhaberin des Mendener Reisebüros <Südafrika hautnah>. <Zunächst hatte Ich das Fest anlässlich […]

Rachel Mwanza, Das Wunderkind Von Kinshasa

Nach der Trennung ihrer Eltern, landete Rachel auf der Straße. Ihre Mutter ging nach Angola und ließ ihre damals 10-jährige Tochter bei der Großmutter in Kinshasa. Diese hatte Schwierigkeiten sie zusammen mit ihren sechs Brüdern und Schwestern großzuziehen. Also zog es Rachel oft auf die Straße, wo sie vom Verkauf von Wassertüten lebte. Manchmal schlief […]

What You Can Learn From Nathalie Koah

When you’re going through something truly difficult, or if you have hit a roadblock, you may just want to roll over and give up. Everyone feels like that sometimes when they are facing challenges. But that’s the right time to find inspiration from somewhere or someone. Nathalie Koah does not shy away from sharing her […]

Winners Of MAMA 2015

Stars of the African and international music industry came out in number last July 18th in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa for the fifth uplifting edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards KwaZulu-Natal. Saluting and championing African music, youth culture and achievement, MAMA 2015 brought the continent together for a massive celebration contemporary music and creativity, including […]

From London To Berlin With A Jet-Set Fashion Blogger

Make sure the battery of your camera is fully loaded she kept saying before she boarded the plane to Cologne-Germany.  My sister is a celebrity and fashion blogger. She is the owner of Her trip to Germany was a mixture of business and pleasure. We mostly talked about fashion, blogging and more fashion. She […]