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Maischna Magazine (meaning “our life” in Egyptian arabic) is like your favourite spot at home, that spot that everyone knows as ‘your place’, be it a snug armchair in the living room corner, a particular chair at the dining room table or that side of the bed that’s gloriously yours.

Maischna is about making your own imprint on the German media landscape. It provides a platform where the achievements, voices, lifestyle and inside stories of Africans of all walks of life can be heard and portrayed in a way they will feel dignified and proud to be a part of Germany.

Maischna lets you tell your story – far removed from the impersonality of daunting terms like immigrant, integration, foreign culture. Maischna is about all these things sometimes, but it is also always about your personal take on these issues and more.

Maischna.com aims to become the number one address for daily motivation, information and entertainment on black-related news and the community.

Stay a part of the MAISCHNA family!



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