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December 2017

My Testimony With Total Life Changes

  “There is no better way of loosing weight than drinking IASO TEA. Iaso™ Tea is a flavored tea obtained from all natural sources. It’s formulated to cleanse your intestines and detoxify your entire body while helping you lose weight!” Says Apo Anam. Apo is a passionate distributor of TLC products all the way from NRW-Germany. It  may be the most expensive tea you’ll ever buy. That being said, it

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Wie Seriös Sind Manche Hilfsorganisationen Für “Afrika”?

Ich war am kochen. Plötzlich klingelte es an der Tür. Ich öffnete sie und vor mir stand eine gut gekleidete Frau mit einer Mappe in der Hand. Sie sagte: Ich bin Frau X, Y und sammle Geld für krebskranke Kinder in Deutschland und AIDS-kranke Kinder in Afrika”. Ich guckte in die Mappe und schaute mir alte laminierte Bilder von weissen und schwarzen Kindern an. Ich fragte Sie welches Projekt diese

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Have A Sneak Peek To Learn Why Everybody Loves Peniel Enchill

She is the bombshell and I want the world to take note of her. Peniel Enchill, is the next big name you should be keeping an eye on. When I saw this very inspirational illustration going around my social networks I immediately wanted to find out who the author is. I was deeply moved by the message it carried. It got me reflecting why LOVE as priceless as it is,

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Uterine Fibroids

Dr. med. Judith Kouematchoua, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist based in Hamburg, answers questions on uterine fibroids, the most common benign tumor of the uterus and one leading cause for a hysterectomy, especially among black women. What is a fibroid? A uterine fibroid is the most common benign (not cancerous) tumor of the woman’s uterus (womb). It is typically discovered during a woman’s middle and later reproductive years (25-50). The growths are

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